‘My body is mine, my body is mine’: A few thoughts on my Adventure Cycling article

The cover story for Adventure Cyclist is about my bike ride around Puerto Rico and how it helped me reclaim my body, after years of feeling detached from it.

When you weigh the most you’ve ever weighed, it’s hard to write about your body, then share it with everyone online. For weeks after my Adventure Cyclist article was published, I didn’t share to my social media pages for fear of what friends and family would think of my raw thoughts on the printed page. I wrote about motherhood, overcoming my health problems, feeling disconnected from my body, and reclaiming by body by biking hundreds of miles around Puerto Rico in Dec. 2018. I felt vulnerable sharing my inner thoughts and struggles of that trip, and I hate to admit this but while the accompanying photos taken by the talented Saara Snow are lovely and scenic, it’s hard to look at my body at that point in my life.

Also, I think my newspaper reporter training conditioned me to keep myself out of the story, but here I was writing about myself and my first bike travel experience.

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